…Or Maybe They Do

On further investigation, it turns out that there is a reason for the DRM protection on Qtrax downloads… it’s just not to prevent piracy. When a Qtrax-downloaded file is played, the WMA licensing notifies Qtrax of the act — so that they can divvy up advertising revenue from the site based on what people are […]

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Record Companies Still Don’t Understand DRM

So, there’s been a lot of news about Qtrax, a new music download service approved by the major record labels. It sounds like a good thing for consumers — a Songbird-based browser lets you select pretty much any song imaginable, including the entire catalog of songs available from iTunes, and download it freely and legally. […]

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Broadband Steps Backwards

The recent news from broadband providers seems to be all about how to make their product less appealing to customers. First of all, the AP reports that AT&T is still considering filtering backbone traffic. They say they’ve noticed the massive amount of copyrighted data being shared over P2P networks, and feel a need to do […]

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New Legislation: SAFE and PRO IP

There has been some controversy over two new security-related bills in the United States Congress right now: the SAFE Act and PRO IP. The SAFE Act (Secure Adolescents From Exploitation Online; another case where the acronym almost certainly came first) aims to protect children and teenagers from exploitation by increasing enforcement of child pornography laws.  […]

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The Trouble with Copy Protection

SecurityFocus reports that a patch has been issued for a vulnerability in the Macrovision SafeDisc driver.  Apparently, due to a flaw in how the driver handles configuration parameters (which probably means a garden-variety buffer overflow), it’s possible for a local user to use the driver to elevate privilege all the way to the kernel. This […]

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