Deterring the Internal Attacker

On January 21st, 2008, the major French bank Société Générale lost $7.09 billion attempting to unwind unauthorized trading positions taken by Jérôme Kerviel, a futures trader with the bank. Kerviel had taken positions worth $73.3 billion, far above not only his trading limits but the bank’s entire market capitalization. The loss taken by unwinding the […]

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Semi-Electronic Bank Robbery

The AP has a story about an electronic bank robbery foiled when a bank employee pulled the plug on the robbers’ network connection.  Apparently the robbers had gained physical access to the employee’s workstation at some point, and installed “advanced technical equipment” underneath the desk to remotely control the computer. I would guess that the […]

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IP Addresses: Personally Identifiable Information?

Peter Scharr, Germany’s Commissioner of Data Protection and head of the European Union’s privacy working group, has stated that information identified only by IP address must be considered personally identifiable information. As the AP article points out, this could have rather serious implications for search engines and many other electronic businesses, and RSnake is concerned […]

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Broadband Steps Backwards

The recent news from broadband providers seems to be all about how to make their product less appealing to customers. First of all, the AP reports that AT&T is still considering filtering backbone traffic. They say they’ve noticed the massive amount of copyrighted data being shared over P2P networks, and feel a need to do […]

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WPAD: Internet Explorer’s Worst Feature

If you run Internet Explorer, you may have noticed that often when you first load up IE and try to navigate to a web page, there’s a delay of a few seconds longer than there is on subsequent page loads. This is because IE is trying to automatically detect your proxy settings. Inside Internet Options […]

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