Blacklists and Cross-Site Scripting

Microsoft gets a lot of criticism over Internet Explorer not being “standards-compliant.” However, it’s actually not so simple, for a variety of reasons. One of them is that the web itself is not very standards-compliant — while IE8 has a standards-compliant-browser mode, it has to offer an IE7 rendering fallback mode because most web sites […]

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Whole-Disk Encryption Cracked

Early this week, some researchers at Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy released a fascinating video of whole-disk encryption being cracked quite quickly and easily. Whole-disk encryption products — such as PGP Whole Disk Encryption, TrueCrypt System Encryption, and Windows Vista’s BitLocker — work by encrypting the entire hard disk with a symmetric key, […]

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ASUS Eee PC and Linux vmsplice Vulnerabilities

It wasn’t a good weekend for Linux. The ultraportable ASUS Eee PC has seen quite a bit of publicity lately. With prices starting as low as $300, it’s about as cheap as laptops get, and runs on a solid-state drive instead of a hard disk. Of course, to get such a low price, it doesn’t […]

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OS-Based Mitigations Against Common Attacks

In my last post about finding a job in information security, when discussing application security, I off-handedly mentioned several mitigation technologies — GS, DEP, SAL, and ASLR. These are technologies developed by OS vendors to provide system-wide protection against common attacks, and are things every application developer should know about when dealing with native (unmanaged) […]

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