Anonymity with TOR and its limits

The post at the Unwired Video Blog about TOR has been getting a lot of publicity, having been linked to by both Lifehacker and Boing Boing. It provides a quick overview of TOR, how it works, and how to use it to browse the Web anonymously. This is a good thing; people using services like […]

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Why Hackers Love Wi-Fi

Hackers love wireless networking. At DefCon 15, it was easy to predict which sessions would have lines running out the door and require getting there well in advance for a seat – it was the sessions with “wireless” or “Wi-Fi” in the title. The Wireless Village was very popular, and many of the hacking contests […]

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Secure P2P for Pirates

According to a recent Reuters article, the unrepentant pirates of Sweden’s The Pirate Bay are working on developing their own peer-to-peer networking system.  It turns out that this is a relatively fascinating security problem, even though in this case it’s the criminals needing the security, vs. the law-abiding companies trying to break it — a […]

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Do Not Track Lists: Good Luck With That

The New York Times reports that people will be able to sign up for “do-not-track” lists to prevent online advertisers from monitoring their activities.  It is not clear from the article if they’re expecting a government solution, along the lines of the National Do Not Call Registry for telemarketers, or merely solutions from ISPs and […]

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