Perimeter Grid is a weblog about information security, and maintaining security and privacy in a world that is increasingly connected. The old concept of perimeter security — security being provided by a firewall surrounding your network, with a “trusted” area inside — is no longer enough, as the use of peer-to-peer technologies, IPv6, cloud computing, and user-generated content makes that perimeter increasingly porous.

Subject matter varies from conference writeups and general commentary about current events and issues in security to specific technical details about exploits and how to defend against them.

The author, Grant Bugher, is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Software Security Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) with a background in software development, specializing in secure application development and securing online services. He currently works at Microsoft on the Online Services Security & Compliance team, and is a member of the SDL Development Team.

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