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Ad Replacers Let Dan Kaminsky RickRoll the Entire Web

I’ve talked before about ad replacers, where ISPs dynamically edit the contents of web traffic for their customers, replacing ads on web sites with ads of their own. This is a threat to the business model of the internet, as if done on a wide scale it would render small, advertiser-supported websites unable to support […]

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Surveillance and Ubiquity

HexView has an article about tracking vehicles with RFID tire pressure monitors. The devices are found in tires and transmit tire pressure to the engine control module, which sounds innocuous enough, but to prevent modules from reading neighboring cars’ tires by accident, they also transmit a unique ID. Thus, you can follow a car around […]

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Blacklists and Cross-Site Scripting

Microsoft gets a lot of criticism over Internet Explorer not being “standards-compliant.” However, it’s actually not so simple, for a variety of reasons. One of them is that the web itself is not very standards-compliant — while IE8 has a standards-compliant-browser mode, it has to offer an IE7 rendering fallback mode because most web sites […]

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Mom lets 9-year-old take subway home alone!

The Today Show has a cover story today entitled “Mom lets 9-year-old take subway home alone.” The controversy over this — that is, the fact that there is any — is a wonderful example of how poorly people assess risk in modern society. What this woman, Lenore Skenazy, has done to stir up trouble is […]

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